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Developing junior staff over the long term is a key aspect of the banks’ efforts to ensure they remain competitive. The strategy confirmed by the Training Commission in 2013 is therefore designed to safeguard the quality and quantity of further education for junior staff.

The further education strategy is primarily aimed at

  • people who have completed basic commercial training for banks (with or without vocational diploma);
  • people who enter the banking sector directly after graduating from high school (generally via the bank entry programme for high school graduates).

Bank-specific further education is mainly provided via the following two training courses:

  • Professional College of Banking & Finance (HFBF);
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Banking & Finance at a university of applied sciences.

Together with the complementary university-level banking and finance training courses, these two paths form central element of the SBA’s further education strategy and are managed by the SBA.