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Kalaidos Banking+Finance School AG
Jungholzstrasse 43
8050 Zürich
Telefon 044 307 32 47
Telefax 044 307 32 07

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Thanks to the uniform quality standards applicable across the whole of Switzerland, the Diploma in Banking & Finance HF is highly regarded in both academic and professional circles. In the area of non-university-based further education in banking and finance, the HFBF course offers young adults an innovative needs-based, target group-oriented and nationally recognised qualification, with exacting, uniform quality standards applicable across the whole of Switzerland, as an alternative to university education.

The HFBF course is aimed at bank staff from the front, middle and back office who have completed upper-level secondary education (level II) and wish to gain in-depth, practice-oriented specialist banking knowledge. Front-office staff are able to apply what they learn immediately when advising clients, while middle and back-office staff gain a precise understanding of the banks’ core business, in particular client advisory processes, and can tailor their own support processes and services with a view to assisting the front. It appeals to ambitious individuals looking to carve out a long-term career in the banking sector.

The course is a three-year practice-oriented programme carried out in conjunction with work. It leads to the Diploma in Banking & Finance HF and builds on the Swiss certificate of competence gained on completion of basic commercial training for banks. The Diploma in Banking & Finance HF enables students to further specialise in banking and also undertake extended general tertiary-level training through postgraduate courses or programmes (MAS, CAS, DAS). It also forms the basis for lifelong learning.

The HFBF programme develops fundamental, comprehensive and long-term expertise across the entire field of banking and finance. As an alternative to university, it equips students with the skills they need to take up high-level technical and management roles in the world of banking and finance.